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November recap

With Christmas only a few days away, a recap of our November activities is long overdue!

A major theme of the month: getting ready for Audrey’s baby brother! My due date was yesterday and I honestly thought he would be born weeks ago, since the second child often comes early. So we’ve been ready for his arrival for a while now. The freezer is stocked, the tiny newborn onesies are clean and in the dresser, diapers are at the ready, and the hospital bag is packed.

Most exciting for Audrey: baby beds/bouncy seats and toys abound throughout the house. She’s been “testing” them for baby brother.



The low point of the month: Audrey’s first (and perhaps only? I can hope at least…) bout with head lice.

She was a trooper, letting us “play hairdresser” after dinner each night. We opted for an herbal spray that made her hair smell like a citronella candle, followed by lots and lots of fine combing and nitpicking. It helped that she got to eat ice cream while we worked on her hair.


(I had lice too — no fun!) Thankfully we didn’t have a recurrence, so it only meant a few days of gross bug encounters, frequent laundry, and missed preschool.

Between the lice and a fever/cold, however, we were home a lot during the month. During a healthy period we made it to the zoo for some intense animal watching.


Thanksgiving was fun and pretty low key. Audrey made paper turkeys for Claire, Henry, Nana, and Grandpa, then we headed to Kenji’s parents’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.


Over the holiday weekend, we made our first trip to the National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center, where Audrey enjoyed chasing James and Arlo (and even rode a space simulator with Kenji!).


Stay tuned for a Christmastime post soon!


June-July recap

August is here and the last blog post is dated June 1!┬áHere’s a quick recap of the past two months:

1. In mid-June, we tagged along for Kenji’s work conference in San Diego, CA. The trip started out rough — Kenji had a 103 degree fever the day we flew cross-country — but by the end of the week he was fully recovered and we’d seen (many of) the San Diego sights.


See San Diego photos. (I’m trying out a new system of uploading sets to Flickr since I can’t fit many in the blog posts themselves. Let me know what you think!)

2. From San Diego, we flew north to Portland, OR to visit the west coast Spains. We had lots of laughs, great food, and fun adventures with my brothers, sisters-in-law, and niece. We only get to see them a few times a year, so it’s always a special treat to be together.


See Portland photos.

3. We announced officially that Audrey is going to be a big sister! I’m 20 weeks as of yesterday, and we found out that it’s a…BOY! Baby boy Bohlin is expected on or around December 19.


4. About a week and a half after we got back from our west coast trip, we moved. (Only about a 1/3 mile, thankfully. We love our neighborhood and are so fortunate to be able to stay here.)


Audrey seems delighted with the new house. Occasionally she’ll mention the “yellow house,” as she now refers to it, but never in a sad or longing way. She seems to especially enjoy the two sets of stairs in our new house (technically, a townhouse) and her new room.

5. A few weeks ago, Audrey transitioned from her crib to a “big girl bed!”


This is probably the most exciting event of the summer from Audrey’s perspective. She loves that little bed and really treats it like her own domain. We are not allowed to even sit on it.

Thankfully, naps and bedtime are still going smoothly. She sometimes comes out of bed, stands at the top of the stairs, and calls for water or help finding her paci, but generally she’s been staying in bed after we tuck her in. In the morning she’ll usually call to us until we go in her room.

6. In July, a friend arranged for a group of us to visit the fire station just down the street from us. It was great — Kenji and I enjoyed it as much as Audrey! The firefighters were incredibly accommodating, spending an hour showing us the trucks and the interior of the station. And all of the children left with their own hats.


See fire station visit photos.

So, there are the big events of the summer (so far). We’re looking forward to a visit from Grandnan and Granddad in a few weeks, but hopefully otherwise this will be a fun, but calm, month ahead.

Audrey’s adventures: Falls Church Farm Day

Fall has officially arrived! Okay, I know the calendar said we changed seasons a while back, but it actually feels, looks, and smells like fall now; our lawn is covered in leaves, we’re wearing sweaters, and I’m busy baking, making soups, and roasting veggies.

Plus, it was Farm Day here in Falls Church on Saturday!

Complete with live bluegrass music…

a horse-led hayride…

and a petting zoo with these funny-looking chickens, ducks, bunnies, and other adorable little animals.

In the afternoon we met neighbors for a potluck block party. There, Audrey experienced her first moon bounce and snuck off with several chocolate chip cookies.

Have I mentioned recently how much we like Falls Church?

Fun at the Farm

The weather has been gorgeous and icky off and on recently. Example: yesterday it was 65 and this morning it snowed! Anyway, last Wednesday was lovely so we spent the afternoon at the farm…the Kids’ Farm at the National Zoo to be exact. Hey, we live right outside D.C. — farms are hard to come by without a long(ish) drive!

Audrey really liked the cows. After this photo was taken, she started trying to climb into their pen.


We met up with Audrey’s friend Helen, who checked out the donkeys before promptly falling asleep. (Helen napped several hours that morning and afternoon, according to her mom. Audrey, on the other hand, only napped 40 minutes all day!)


The petting zoo includes a giant squishy pizza designed to teach kids where their food comes from.


Audrey and I had a good round of peek-a-boo around the enormous olive. It also made for an excellent crawling tunnel!


Fun Fall Outings

We’ve had nice, crisp fall weather recently so Audrey’s been on lots of fun outings. (It doesn’t hurt that busy mornings/early afternoons typically make for good naps since she gets tired out!)

The Friday of Veterans’ Day weekend we went to the zoo with Audrey’s friends Helen and Jad (and their moms). This photo was taken minutes before all three kids fell asleep in their strollers.

The following day, Kenji, Audrey, and I headed to Burke Lake Park. The weather was absolutely beautiful, as were the leaves, and we had a successful first experience using the Kelty backpack carrier. Bonus: the park was free for the holiday weekend!

Audrey had fun playing in the leaves.

She had to taste them, of course.

Audrey was much more interested in crawling and trying to grab the camera than posing for photos, but we managed to get a few shots of her with mommy.

We headed back outside on Sunday, this time to meet our friend Gabe and a few other people for a walk along the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls.

The first stretch of the trail took us through a quiet path in the woods. On the return trip, we split from our group and opted to follow the towpath back along the canal rather than clambering over the rocky trail. We managed to get a family photo before Audrey fell asleep in the carrier.

Though we generally stayed closer to home this past weekend, we did visit the neighborhood playground, where we practically had to pry Audrey off the teeter-totter. She’s never had so much fun on it before.

The graffiti in the background makes an interesting contrast to the other woodsy settings, don’t you think? I’m thankful that despite living in the middle of a city, we have access to great parks in the area. We’ve really enjoyed helping Audrey to explore them this fall.

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