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Happy 13 months, Benjamin

Tiny-but-mighty Benjamin is now thirteen months old! And although he’ll always be “Baby Benjamin,” he’s officially moving into toddlerhood.

That’s right: he’s walking!

Here’s a video. In the mere days since that was taken, he’s gotten so much more confident in his newfound ability. Earlier today he walked from the living room into the kitchen without stumbling or stopping once. I was washing dishes and loading the dishwasher, so he was motivated.

Yes, there’s no doubt that the sink is his favorite place to be at the moment. Any time we happen to be washing our hands/dishes/getting a glass of water, Benjamin is there at our feet within minutes, whining vehemently and reaching his adorable little arms up for his turn.

So, thankfully, my sister-in-law let us borrow her handy kitchen tower. He’s a bit small for it, but he looooooooves it.


And there’s even room to share it with big sis.


I’m already dreading our water bill for this quarter.

In other Benjamin news, he now says “Mama” and “Dada,” signs “more” and “all done,” can climb up onto the sofa (his second favorite place in the house), mostly sleeps through the night (at LAST!), has preferred books (Barnyard Dance is hot right now), and generally keeps us running around all day, every day.


Happy (belated) sixteen months

Life is so busy at the moment that I didn’t have a chance to post on the 25th about Audrey’s 16-month birthday. At least it’s still the right month!

Audrey (a.k.a. Little Love, Sweet, Sweetness, Pumpkin Head, and Miss Cutie Pie Bohlin) is quite the explorer these days. She fluctuates between roaming around the house room to room and sitting and concentrating on one particular toy/activity. (For one week straight she only played with one of her sorting toys, until she mastered every shape).

She’s on the cusp of running (heaven help us) and has a few other intense interests at the moment:

Buckles. On the high chair, car seat, bike helmet, changing table, baby carrier, stroller, other kids’ strollers — the girl can’t get enough.

Hats. Oh, no, not for her to wear — for everyone else around her to wear. We keep our baseball hats within easy reach these days. Within minutes of waking up/seeing one of us, she begins frantically slapping her head and pointing to the table. “Undressed” heads are uncool, I guess.

Climbing. Yesterday she climbed into this teeter-totter by herself for the first time! But usually climbing means getting onto our dining chairs, pointing at the computer, and saying “La la” repeatedly (her request for “Elmo’s Song,” which she gets to see in desperate moments).

Loveys. Audrey cuddles with her stuffed animals and dolls now. It is adorable!

I could go on and on — about her growing vocabulary, giggles at being tickled, bouncy dancing, immediate tears when told “no,” and all of the other small moments that fill our days — but I won’t. Suffice to say, life with sixteen-month-old Audrey is anything but dull!

Happy fifteen months

Today Audrey is fifteen months old!

These days, she loves to sit in “big girl” chairs. (Notice the excited open-mouth expression.)

Audrey also loves to be outside, whether in our yard, the playground, or in a park. And yes, everything still goes in her mouth.

Our busy little lady currently enjoys climbing the jungle gym and riding down the slide. She’s also quite the social butterfly (although, when this photo was taken both she and Jad kept toddling off in opposite directions!). At our music class this week, Audrey climbed into the lap of a thirteen-month-old classmate. It was so adorable! If only I’d had my camera handy.


Eating and drinking continue to provide much entertainment in Audrey’s life. She’s just gotten very into sharing her food — feeding her doll (while saying “nom nom”), mama and daddy…

and even this finger puppet!

Audrey likes to help mama with chores around the house too. The vacuum is her favorite tool, but she thinks the broom is also pretty great.

Our little girl continues to amaze us with how quickly she learns and grows, and brightens our lives every day with her love, joy, and curiosity.

More of Audrey walking

It’s only been a few weeks since Audrey started taking steps on her own, but she’s really getting around now. She’s evolved from walking with her hands high in the air, as if I was still holding her fingers, to carrying stuffed animals/shoes/toys.

At Annelise’s birthday party last weekend, Audrey took one of the balloons for a walk.

Audrey can also now get up and walk from anywhere via reverse (and adorable) squat. This is a big deal because initially she had to crawl over to a piece of furniture, pull up to standing, and then take off walking.

Should we take bets on when she starts running?

Happy fourteen months

There’s no mistaking that Audrey is changing from a baby to a toddler. She’s walking quite a bit now, and today she’s fourteen months old!

Audrey prefers to feed herself and hold her own cup these days. She manages to get some of the food in her mouth, at least.

She has lots of adventures outside, especially now that spring has arrived. (Last week was her first foray in the sandbox. She practically had to be pulled out of it!)

The playground is always a fun place to visit. She often tries fervently to climb up the slide.

Audrey enjoys helping with chores around the house, like rearranging shoes.

She loves to see her friends; Jad has been one of her closest buddies since they were newborns.

They usually get along.

We read lots of books together too.

After all of that exploration, play, and learning, naps are definitely in order. This was probably Audrey’s silliest napping position yet. She slept in the stroller for at least an hour with both of her feet up like this.

I’m excited to see what’s in store for us with a walking fourteen-month-old. We love you, Audrey!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Audrey’s first step

Yesterday was Audrey’s birthday party (more on that later, but for now I’ll just say: it was wonderful). We joked that she should take her first steps during the occasion so everyone would see it. But, she decided to wait…until today! This afternoon, while playing in the den with us and my parents, she stood on her own for a few seconds, then crawled around for a while, then stood again and took one tiny (but very significant) step towards me — with a huge grin on her face, I should add. I was ridiculously excited and happy, and so was she. We just missed documenting it on camera. But don’t worry — we’ll keep our phones/cameras at the ready for when she really decides to walk. It can’t be long now (but there’s no rush, Audrey)!

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