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Visit with the Bowman cousins

Because of sickness and busy schedules, it had been several weeks since we last saw Audrey’s Bowman cousins, Claire and Henry. On Friday we finally made it over for a lunchtime visit with them and Nana.

When Misako came home from work we joked that we don’t make average-sized babies: Henry (seven months) and Audrey (thirteen months) are almost the same size.

The kids really enjoyed checking each other out. Henry shared his collection of hats and Audrey wore hers long enough to capture one photo, at least!


Happy thirteen months

Audrey keeps getting older (faster and faster, it seems). Today our baby girl is thirteen months old!


She celebrated her monthly milestone with blueberry pancakes, assisted walking around the house, and — most exciting of all — fun in our new bicycle trailer. Not actually outside on this cool, blustery day, but rather inside sans wheels. It became her personal fort/play house (though she let Fuzzy Bear and Nimbus enter it too). We were joking about going out on a date and letting Nimbus babysit her because it was clear Audrey wasn’t leaving the trailer on her own. With buckles to play with, windows for peek-a-boo, rocking games with daddy, and the option to pull herself to standing, why would she? Let’s just hope she likes it as much when she’s strapped down in it and wearing her new helmet!

In addition to playing in her new fort, Audrey’s busy signing “more” (very daintily, I might add); pointing at everything and everyone; saying hello and waving to people, doors, dolls, etc.; and selecting books from her shelf, among many other new skills and fun activities on any given day.

She also had a fantastic visit last weekend with her Spain grandparents, cousin Lily, uncle Steve, and aunt Roxanne (as did we). Photos to be posted soon!

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