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Happy seven months, Benjamin

Our little man is now closer to his one-year birthday than to his actual birth day. *Sniff*


Actually, in my opinion, this is when it really starts to get fun.

Benjamin is babbling these days, blowing raspberries, sitting up confidently, studying objects closely and transferring them from hand to hand (or, more often, hand to mouth), dragging/rolling himself to items of interest, and protesting loudly when his big sister snatches a toy out of his hands. (And so it begins…)

Soon after I took the above photo, he shifted onto his tummy, in hot pursuit of the lens cap.


But then he got kind of stuck in his “swimming” position.


I kid you not, as of this week he’s also trying to pull up to standing (!). This most often happens when he’s in his baby bathtub; he grabs the side of the tub with both hands and pulls himself into an awkward-looking squat.

Over the course of the last four weeks, he’s tried all sorts of foods, mostly just sliced into chunks or lightly steamed as necessary: sweet potato, avocado, banana, plum, peach, zucchini, broccoli, blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, yogurt, cheese, bell pepper, carrot, pear, apple, green beans, eggplant, salmon, egg yolk, and more.

He seems to really enjoy the social aspect of mealtime, and he’s definitely getting the hang of chewing and swallowing.


He loves cherries (as well as zucchini and broccoli.)


Benjamin had lots of other firsts this month too–including his cross-country flight, which thankfully went very smoothly!


On our trip west, he met his Spain family aunts, uncles, and cousins.


He also had his first swim in the pool.


And his first trip to the beach!


Benjamin attended his first wedding this past weekend, but sadly, I didn’t get any good photos. I’m hoping the couple’s photographer managed to get a few. (He was right around the age Audrey was when she went to her first wedding. I don’t think he can top her four weddings in 3 1/2 years!)

Our travels this past month were fun, but I’m looking forward to a low-key August. I told Kenji that I’d like to stay within a one-hour radius from home. So, expect to see more of this in the next monthly-birthday post.


Happy half-birthday, Benjamin!

Back on December 24, this tiny, helpless, wrinkly little guy entered our lives.


Today it’s a mere six months later and he’s already grown significantly and become so much more capable.


About a week ago he started sitting up on his own.


On Sunday we launched our foray into baby-led weaning, giving him first first taste of solid foods. (It was a super juicy, ripe plum.) He seemed to really enjoy squishing tonight’s dinner of avocado and watermelon. Some of it even made it into his mouth!


Benjamin’s been hanging out in the jumperoo for about a month now, and he loves it.


He’s not quite as keen on the swing yet.


Benjamin adores his big sister.


He likes hanging out with the cat too, but I don’t think the feeling is mutual. He hasn’t gotten the hang of petting with an open hand yet.


Another big milestone: Benjamin’s front bottom two teeth erupted this past month, and his constant gnawing makes me think more teeth are on their way soon. I better catch all these gummy smiles while I still can!


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today and every day I’m thankful for Kenji’s love and support, our families, great friends, and our wonderful baby girl.

We celebrated the holiday today with Kenji’s family, at his sister’s house. Audrey had fun with her cousins Claire and Henry, and she seemed to enjoy her first Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.

She looked so cute in the dress made by auntie Jess and her (too big) tights.

I hope everyone had a great day with family and friends!

Audrey hearts orange veggies


Well, the green peas may have been a bust (for now), but Audrey has been gobbling up butternut squash and carrots. I think we’ll switch from orange veggies to something green again so she doesn’t start to resemble them, though.

Avocado or zucchini perhaps?

Peas, please (or maybe not)

On Sunday we gave Audrey her first taste of a veggie — green peas!

We’d had her on two daily meals of oatmeal for a few weeks, so the pediatrician said we could begin introducing vegetable purees, then fruits. I followed the recipe from Cooking Light First Foods, which my parents gave us for Christmas, though I also referred to Cooking for Baby. It was really easy to make: a few minutes of steaming (I used frozen peas) and then a quick buzz through the food processor, adding the cooking liquid until it was a bit runny. I didn’t strain it and that didn’t seem to be an issue. The puree came out a nice bright green and I thought it tasted pretty good. I froze a batch in a covered ice cube tray and kept the rest in the fridge for her to eat over the next few days.

So what was Audrey’s verdict? This photo sums it up.

She was mostly surprised at the new taste/texture and wasn’t sure what to make of it (she had a similar reaction when she first tried the oatmeal), but that morphed into distaste. (It’s no breast milk!)

Although Audrey did finish her dinner on Sunday and ate pretty well yesterday, she seems to be “over” peas. She spit them out this morning. And with each meal, more has probably ended up on her chin (check out her “pea goatee” below), hands, and bib than in her mouth. But hey, that’s what makes eating fun, right?

Stay tuned for her next veggie tasting later this week: butternut squash.

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