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This week in Audrey news

20110823-090129.jpgI feel like Audrey is changing so quickly that I can’t keep up on this blog. So here is a rundown of some of the changes/trends we’ve seen taking place over the last week or so.

Obsession with the TV console
No matter how many fun toys I surround Audrey with, whenever we are in the living room she makes a beeline for the TV console. I don’t know if it’s her reflection in the glass that is so enticing, the lights on the receiver, or the fact that sound is emanating from that general direction via the music we often play. Wait — I know: she is genetically programmed to love electronics!

First tooth on the way
On Friday Kenji felt the ridge of Audrey’s first tooth emerging! Some white is visible when you peek into her mouth. My mom is guessing that the tooth will be up by the time they visit this weekend.

Consonant sounds
Audrey has started to play vocally with “m” sounds…can “mama” be too far off??

From tummy to sitting
I was watching Audrey play on the floor on Monday, as usual. She was on her belly scooting around, and then, after I looked away for only a second, she happened to be sitting up. That’s new, I thought. Kenji chanced on seeing her do it again yesterday.

First cat scratch
And sadly not the last, I am sure. I just didn’t intervene in time yesterday. Nimbus was frisky, and Audrey was quick to get a fistful of tail. The result: a miffed cat, upset mother, and crying baby. No winners.

First taste of avocado
I promise to not keep writing a new post for every single new food Audrey tries, because that could go on for years. But, it’s worth mentioning that she seems to really like avocado. A girl after her mother’s heart!

Sleeping through the night
Okay, this has actually been happening for two weeks or so, but it is definitely worth mentioning! It’s hard to say whether it’s because of solid foods or her age, and how long it will last, but we will all relish it for now. Now if only we can convince her to sleep past 5:30 a.m.

Serious about sleep

Yesterday, we were out in Virginia (on a spontaneous open house tour of Del Ray, actually) and stopped by Target to pick up a few things (baby related). We didn’t realize it until we were pulling into the check-out lane that these three items (WD-40, pink black-out curtains, and a baby monitor) all related to sleep. (In fact, looking at houses came because of some sleep related issues, but that’s another post.) It was a laugh-out-loud moment.

Probably the most common question we get now is, “Is she sleeping through the night?” The answer, sadly, is no. Well, she did have that one stretch of six and a half hours last week, but otherwise, she’s decided that night time = nap time. Some nights it’s not terrible; last night, for example, she slept in two hour bursts. Other nights, it’s almost unbearable (40 minute naps? not good). We’ve read all kinds of advice and we’re trying to figure out what the best advice for us is. Our current strategy is to just put her down earlier and avoid the dreaded over-tired stage (the word will give me nightmares for years to come), and to start the move to the crib and her own room.

It’s a hard thing, though, especially when the tried and true method of just holding her works so well. Then again, that’s probably what’s gotten us into the short bursts at night, anyway. We will keep you posted.

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