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Goodbye, Dupont Circle…Hello, Falls Church


It’s almost been a week since our move out to the ‘burbs. Everything went smoothly and (relatively) quickly last Friday. We ended up hiring movers, which was expensive but so worthwhile. We were up at 7 a.m. that day and back to last-minute prep (plus breakfast in front of the tower of boxes) before the guys showed up promptly at 9 a.m. Audrey and I visited with my friend upstairs and her son to stay out of the way. Kenji loaded up our car while the movers packed the truck, then we were off to the house by 11:30 a.m. and they had everything inside within the hour.

Of course, unpacking and settling in has taken much, much longer…and is still ongoing. But we’re getting there. We even cleared a space next to the fireplace for the Christmas tree.

It’s been an exhausting few weeks between last-minute fixes and negotiations, the actual move, cleaning the condo, and settlement (which went successfully yesterday and actually felt kind of anticlimactic), not to mention the usual Christmas shopping, but we’ve made it through it all and can now breathe easier and fluff our new nest.

Lots of exciting Audrey news to post too. Stay tuned.

Moving on

Audrey’s packing her bags!

We’re moving to our new place in just one week.

It’s been an eventful month. We received an offer on the condo…countered…received another counter…rejected the offer. Then, the buyer came back right before Thanksgiving (which was lovely) with a higher offer and we accepted! We survived the home inspection and the appraisal so now we’re moving full steam ahead to the settlement on the 21st.

Luckily, a house came up for rent in our desirable neighborhood right around the time we accepted the offer. It’s a three-bedroom rambler in Falls Church, Virginia, only a few blocks from great friends and right next to a nice park with a playground and weekly farmer’s market.

Boxes are towering all around us, but Audrey is having fun drumming on them and navigating the open floor space.

We’re excited about the change, but it is sad to leave our wonderful friends here in the building and in the neighborhood. Not to mention Kenji’s walking commute, the grocery store only a block away, my amazing yoga studio, the neighborhood playground…wait, why are we leaving again? Oh, yeah. For the great school district, more space between neighbors, more space in our home, a yard, a quiet street…for our family.

Somehow we’ll have to make sure Audrey still gets plenty of visits with her BFFs, Jad and Helen. (And me with their moms.)

And we’ll look forward to bringing Audrey to Dupont Circle and annoying her by saying, “This is where we lived when you were born!”

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