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Audrey’s first popsicle

We took an impromptu hike (brief walk, really) at Great Falls this afternoon, capped off with Audrey’s first taste of that delightfully melty, sticky, sweet summer treat known as the popsicle.

I love her expression in this video.

Fun Fall Outings

We’ve had nice, crisp fall weather recently so Audrey’s been on lots of fun outings. (It doesn’t hurt that busy mornings/early afternoons typically make for good naps since she gets tired out!)

The Friday of Veterans’ Day weekend we went to the zoo with Audrey’s friends Helen and Jad (and their moms). This photo was taken minutes before all three kids fell asleep in their strollers.

The following day, Kenji, Audrey, and I headed to Burke Lake Park. The weather was absolutely beautiful, as were the leaves, and we had a successful first experience using the Kelty backpack carrier. Bonus: the park was free for the holiday weekend!

Audrey had fun playing in the leaves.

She had to taste them, of course.

Audrey was much more interested in crawling and trying to grab the camera than posing for photos, but we managed to get a few shots of her with mommy.

We headed back outside on Sunday, this time to meet our friend Gabe and a few other people for a walk along the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls.

The first stretch of the trail took us through a quiet path in the woods. On the return trip, we split from our group and opted to follow the towpath back along the canal rather than clambering over the rocky trail. We managed to get a family photo before Audrey fell asleep in the carrier.

Though we generally stayed closer to home this past weekend, we did visit the neighborhood playground, where we practically had to pry Audrey off the teeter-totter. She’s never had so much fun on it before.

The graffiti in the background makes an interesting contrast to the other woodsy settings, don’t you think? I’m thankful that despite living in the middle of a city, we have access to great parks in the area. We’ve really enjoyed helping Audrey to explore them this fall.

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