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November recap

With Christmas only a few days away, a recap of our November activities is long overdue!

A major theme of the month: getting ready for Audrey’s baby brother! My due date was yesterday and I honestly thought he would be born weeks ago, since the second child often comes early. So we’ve been ready for his arrival for a while now. The freezer is stocked, the tiny newborn onesies are clean and in the dresser, diapers are at the ready, and the hospital bag is packed.

Most exciting for Audrey: baby beds/bouncy seats and toys abound throughout the house. She’s been “testing” them for baby brother.



The low point of the month: Audrey’s first (and perhaps only? I can hope at least…) bout with head lice.

She was a trooper, letting us “play hairdresser” after dinner each night. We opted for an herbal spray that made her hair smell like a citronella candle, followed by lots and lots of fine combing and nitpicking. It helped that she got to eat ice cream while we worked on her hair.


(I had lice too — no fun!) Thankfully we didn’t have a recurrence, so it only meant a few days of gross bug encounters, frequent laundry, and missed preschool.

Between the lice and a fever/cold, however, we were home a lot during the month. During a healthy period we made it to the zoo for some intense animal watching.


Thanksgiving was fun and pretty low key. Audrey made paper turkeys for Claire, Henry, Nana, and Grandpa, then we headed to Kenji’s parents’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.


Over the holiday weekend, we made our first trip to the National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center, where Audrey enjoyed chasing James and Arlo (and even rode a space simulator with Kenji!).


Stay tuned for a Christmastime post soon!


Audrey’s adventures: cousin Beth’s wedding

In her short life, Audrey has flown numerous times, been to the west coast twice, and now, attended three weddings.

The most recent one was at the beginning of the month, when we traveled down to my parents’ childhood home of Portsmouth, Virginia for my cousin Beth’s wedding. Or, as Audrey knows her, bride.


All three of us had fun dressing up for the big event. (And we looked pretty spiffy, if I say so myself!)


Happily, my parents also made it down for the wedding, so Audrey had time for cuddles and hand-holding with Grandnan and Granddad.


Audrey seemed to enjoy the wedding overall but is was the bride she was particularly, no, intensely, interested in. She kept calling out “Bride and groom, dance!” and insisted on being carried over to the vicinity of the newlyweds.

When Beth took Audrey for a spin around the dance floor, Audrey was in heaven.


The day prior to the wedding we went to the Portsmouth City Park, where Audrey got to ride the Pokey Smokey II, before we went to a family BBQ at my aunt Ruth’s house.


It was a beautiful day, so we had to pause for a few photos by the blooming flowers. Audrey put on her best “cheese.”


It was a wonderful weekend, from the lovely wedding to the biscuit breakfasts with my parents. Kenji and I reminisced about our own big day, and how much has happened in our lives together in the seven years since then.

With another wedding coming up this fall, Audrey won’t have too long to wait until she has another bride to chase after.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!


We started celebrating the holiday earlier in the week, when Audrey decorated paper eggs with sequins and glitter. Her favorite part, by far, was using Elmer’s Glue for the first time.


Pouring sequins (“sparkles”) all over the table came in at a close second.


Yesterday, the day of the annual Cherry Hill Park Easter Egg Hunt, was absolutely gorgeous. Shortly before 10 a.m. we headed with the throngs into the park. I think every single child living in Falls Church was there.


Audrey seemed pretty overwhelmed by the big event (who can blame her?), but she did manage to score one egg for her basket. And three lollipops, which she proceeded to eat immediately thereafter. Her first taste of a lollipop and it was love at first lick.


Today Audrey got busy decorating the hardboiled eggs sitting in the fridge. I wasn’t brave enough to try dyeing them with her, but stickers and paint seemed to do just fine.


She also got a special basket of treats from the Easter Bunny. She went straight for the (no-spill!) bubbles.


Audrey really seemed to enjoy just carrying her basket around.


Daddy got busy hiding eggs in the backyard, and then we headed out for a hunt.


Her basket was filled in no time. (Seriously, it took her about two minutes to collect them all!) Back in the house, she discovered the treats inside the eggs: stickers, graham cracker bunnies, fish crackers, raisins, and the occasional M&M.


After her nap, we headed to Nana and Grandpa’s house for Easter dinner.

The three cousins were so cute playing together. Nana bought sweet matching dresses for the girls. Grandpa staged an egg hunt in the house, which was a huge hit. (“More! More eggs!”)


We managed to get the three kiddos to sit still just long enough for a photo with their filled baskets.


Merry Christmas (and happy twenty-three months)

Merry Christmas! And happy twenty-three months to Audrey, too.


We started the morning bright and early, as usual — but this time we got to begin the day with gifts! After rooting through our stockings, Audrey happily tore into the big present Santa left while she was sleeping…


her new toy kitchen! She immediately got to work putting the little egg-filled pan into the oven, saying “Oo, hot” over and over again.

Kenji made waffles while she played and then we eventually got through opening the other presents. A quick chat with Grandnan, Tickles, and Bicycle and then we were off to mass. Audrey was super squirmy in church but thankfully we were surrounded by lots of other little kiddos, so she was in good company.

Home for a nap afterwards (while Kenji and I cooked) and then we joined Kenji’s family at Nana’s house for more gift opening plus a delicious turkey-and-fixings dinner.

It was a full day but Audrey seemed to enjoy it all. Tomorrow morning the holiday continues with a roadtrip to Rhode Island! A big purple gift bag is loaded with toys and distractions, new apps are loaded on the iPad, and Uncle Alan, who’s coming along for the ride, promises to be entertaining.

Wish us luck!

Audrey’s adventures: pumpkin patch

The bad news: We have a mold issue in our kitchen.

The good news: Audrey and I are up in Rhode Island for an impromptu visit with my parents while the repair work is done!

It was a blustery but mild day so we walked Audrey over to the pumpkin patch after her (abbreviated) nap. Yes, walked. The farm is literally around the corner from my parents’ house.

We did our best to catch the perfect smiling-toddler-holding-a-pumpkin fall photo, but Audrey wasn’t too interested in that.

She preferred riding in the wagon.

And trying to push it. Also, collecting rocks.

Audrey’s adventures: Labor Day in RI

I’m trying to finally catch up on posting photos from our summer travels. I’ll start with the most recent trip: Labor Day weekend in Rhode Island, visiting Grandnan, Granddad (aka Tickles), and G.G. Bird (aka Bicycle), as well as some dear friends. (The nicknames were chosen by Audrey during our visit.)

We didn’t make it up to RI last summer, so we were excited to make the most of the gorgeous weather while we could this trip.

One of our first stops: the beach! It is the “Ocean State,” after all.

We were pretty unprepared the first time we went — we didn’t bring a swimsuit for Audrey, only a towel, since we weren’t sure how she would react to the water. She absolutely loved it, though, and ended up splashing in her clothing and then toddling around the sand in just a diaper.

For our second trip to Easton’s Beach, Audrey was more properly attired.

The highlight of that visit was the carousel. She even rode a horse!

Aquidneck Island has quite a bit of farmland, too, which makes for more toddler fun. At one farm only minutes from my parents’ house, you can feed the goats. Audrey initially had help feeding them from the cup, but ended up giving them pieces directly from her palm.

She got a kick out of them licking her hand.

After feeding the goats, we  crossed the street to a different farm (and historic site) where you can feed ducks. Unlike the goats, they weren’t behind a fence. Instead, they greeted us in the parking lot and followed us over to the pond.

Of course, the very best part of the trip was the grandparent-granddaughter (and great-grandparent-granddaughter) time together.

Happy nineteen months

Our cutie pie is getting ever closer to two years old (*sniff*); she’s nineteen months today! And busier by the day.

We spend lots of time at the park adjacent to our street. These days Audrey loves to climb up and down the jungle gym (skipping the slide, usually), hang from the “big girl” swing on her tummy, play in the sandbox, and find little treasures along the ground. She also is enthralled by bigger kids hanging from the monkey bars, playing soccer, or full-on running.

Audrey discovers fun things to do at home though, too. Like “helping” sort the mail.

And she’s a perfect angel when it comes to brushing her teeth, washing her hair, and having her diaper changed — HA!

Recently Audrey rode on the carousel for the first time. Three times in a row, in fact. She had no interest in actually sitting on one of the horses, so we rode in the chariot. One of our Music Together CDs has a song called “Merry-Go-Round” that Audrey now requests every time we’re in the car by saying “up down, up down” repeatedly.

Audrey also loves the P-O-O-L. (Whenever I say the word, she make a beeline for the door!) Sometimes it’s hard to tell what she enjoys best: wading in the pool, sitting on the edge for a round of “Humpty Dumpty,” or climbing onto the chairs poolside.

And of course, Audrey loves playing with (well, alongside, at least) her little buddies. She’s working on learning their names, but right now they are all “baby.”

We’re heading to Rhode Island to see Grandnan, Granddad, and G.G. Bird in a few days; I can’t wait for the happy reunion!

Memorial Day Weekend

We enjoyed our first Memorial Day weekend in Mayberry. Er, I mean, Falls Church. It definitely captured the feel of small-town Americana: BBQs with friends, family, and the neighbors, a parade through our neighborhood, kids playing in the backyard.

On Memorial Day morning, the three of us dressed in patriotic blue and joined the crowd for the annual Falls Church 3K Fun Run.

I can’t say there was much actual running, given the size of the crowd, but hey, we got free t-shirts and water!

We relaxed at home afterwards and got ready to BBQ. We only lasted about 10 minutes in our parade-watching spot in the neighbors’ yard because it was SO. HOT. Poor Audrey was pink almost immediately. We retreated to our shady backyard, where we still managed to get glimpses of the action (and hear all of it). The parade went on for about an hour and a half!

Nana and Grandpa came by our house in the afternoon, as did some friends — including adorable little Ian. The two kiddos had fun splashing around on the water table but the pool didn’t really hold their interest.

That’s okay — I’m sure both the pool and the water table (not to mention our lawn chairs and grill) will get lots of use in the hot summer months ahead!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Audrey took time away from her sorting toy to give me this greeting.

Between my birthday and Mother’s Day, I’ve been quite spoiled this week: two dinners out (including our first real evening date since Audrey was born!), extra sleep, flowers, and more.

It’s been a beautiful weekend, so we had a cookout to celebrate Mother’s Day with Kenji’s parents today.

Audrey thoroughly enjoyed exploring the yard (in her cute dress!).

And spending time with her Nana and Grandpa.

I hope all of you mamas out there enjoyed your day!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Audrey (thankfully) recovered from her illness in time to enjoy a fun-filled day.

Kenji “hid” some eggs in our backyard for her first-ever Easter egg hunt.

She was very excited about shaking the eggs. The Cheerios and puffs hidden inside made great rattling sounds and were tasty treats.

You can see her in action, with mama’s help, here.

Audrey got her first Easter basket this year too. (She was so young at Easter last year that we skipped the basket and instead just put her in a cute dress and bonnet.)

Our yard is really pretty now with all of the flowers in bloom. I love Audrey’s look of concentration as she multitasked: walking, carrying an egg, and picking a flower.

After our egg hunt, we walked over to Saint James for a noontime mass. Audrey was a bit of a handful, but she took a shining to the woman next to us. This kind stranger held Audrey for half of the mass, bouncing her, flipping through the Bible, and letting Audrey pull at her necklace and earrings. She was amazing — and we didn’t even get her name!

We gathered with Kenji’s side of the family after church. Audrey was coordinated with her cousin Henry between her gingham and his plaid.

Audrey loved playing on the piano with her cousin Claire.

We posed for our annual family photo before all heading home. One of these years we’ll manage to get all three kids to look at the camera and smile simultaneously!

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