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Audrey’s adventures: cousin Beth’s wedding

In her short life, Audrey has flown numerous times, been to the west coast twice, and now, attended three weddings.

The most recent one was at the beginning of the month, when we traveled down to my parents’ childhood home of Portsmouth, Virginia for my cousin Beth’s wedding. Or, as Audrey knows her, bride.


All three of us had fun dressing up for the big event. (And we looked pretty spiffy, if I say so myself!)


Happily, my parents also made it down for the wedding, so Audrey had time for cuddles and hand-holding with Grandnan and Granddad.


Audrey seemed to enjoy the wedding overall but is was the bride she was particularly, no, intensely, interested in. She kept calling out “Bride and groom, dance!” and insisted on being carried over to the vicinity of the newlyweds.

When Beth took Audrey for a spin around the dance floor, Audrey was in heaven.


The day prior to the wedding we went to the Portsmouth City Park, where Audrey got to ride the Pokey Smokey II, before we went to a family BBQ at my aunt Ruth’s house.


It was a beautiful day, so we had to pause for a few photos by the blooming flowers. Audrey put on her best “cheese.”


It was a wonderful weekend, from the lovely wedding to the biscuit breakfasts with my parents. Kenji and I reminisced about our own big day, and how much has happened in our lives together in the seven years since then.

With another wedding coming up this fall, Audrey won’t have too long to wait until she has another bride to chase after.

Audrey’s adventures: pumpkin patch

The bad news: We have a mold issue in our kitchen.

The good news: Audrey and I are up in Rhode Island for an impromptu visit with my parents while the repair work is done!

It was a blustery but mild day so we walked Audrey over to the pumpkin patch after her (abbreviated) nap. Yes, walked. The farm is literally around the corner from my parents’ house.

We did our best to catch the perfect smiling-toddler-holding-a-pumpkin fall photo, but Audrey wasn’t too interested in that.

She preferred riding in the wagon.

And trying to push it. Also, collecting rocks.

Spain family visit

Over Presidents’ Weekend we flew up to Rhode Island for a few days with my parents and my brother Steve and his family. His daughter, Lily, was celebrating her one-year birthday. It’s always great to see family but it was a special treat seeing Steve, Roxanne, and Lily since they live on the west coast.

Lily and Audrey met once before, when they were both around six months old.

It’s amazing how much they’ve both changed since then.

They were so cute playing together. Or, next to each other, at least.

Reading together with Granddad was an especially sweet moment.

The weather was chilly but we did get out for a walk along the ocean. (Audrey borrowed Lily’s cozy fleece zip-up.)

On our last day, we also stopped by a local farm (a two-minute drive my parents’ house!) to check out the sheep, cows, goats, and geese.

Too soon we had to say our goodbyes and head back to the airport for our trip home. I’m so thankful we had the time together though.

Before we can believe it, I’m sure Audrey and Lily will be e-mail pals. (Is it too much to hope that they’ll write actual letters to each other?)

Happy thirteen months

Audrey keeps getting older (faster and faster, it seems). Today our baby girl is thirteen months old!


She celebrated her monthly milestone with blueberry pancakes, assisted walking around the house, and — most exciting of all — fun in our new bicycle trailer. Not actually outside on this cool, blustery day, but rather inside sans wheels. It became her personal fort/play house (though she let Fuzzy Bear and Nimbus enter it too). We were joking about going out on a date and letting Nimbus babysit her because it was clear Audrey wasn’t leaving the trailer on her own. With buckles to play with, windows for peek-a-boo, rocking games with daddy, and the option to pull herself to standing, why would she? Let’s just hope she likes it as much when she’s strapped down in it and wearing her new helmet!

In addition to playing in her new fort, Audrey’s busy signing “more” (very daintily, I might add); pointing at everything and everyone; saying hello and waving to people, doors, dolls, etc.; and selecting books from her shelf, among many other new skills and fun activities on any given day.

She also had a fantastic visit last weekend with her Spain grandparents, cousin Lily, uncle Steve, and aunt Roxanne (as did we). Photos to be posted soon!

Audrey’s first step

Yesterday was Audrey’s birthday party (more on that later, but for now I’ll just say: it was wonderful). We joked that she should take her first steps during the occasion so everyone would see it. But, she decided to wait…until today! This afternoon, while playing in the den with us and my parents, she stood on her own for a few seconds, then crawled around for a while, then stood again and took one tiny (but very significant) step towards me — with a huge grin on her face, I should add. I was ridiculously excited and happy, and so was she. We just missed documenting it on camera. But don’t worry — we’ll keep our phones/cameras at the ready for when she really decides to walk. It can’t be long now (but there’s no rush, Audrey)!


A few weeks ago Audrey and I visited my parents and grandmother. It was wonderful having time with family (and getting a much-needed break from cooking/cleaning the house), although we missed Kenji. He was on the West Coast at the same time for a work conference. I’m glad Christmas is only a matter of weeks away (!), when all three of us will get a chance to head north again.

During our recent trip, I cherished every

Visit with Grandnan and Granddad


My parents came down for a visit this past weekend. It was so nice for them to spend time with Audrey. She warmed up to them right away although it had been a little while since she last saw them (in person).


We lucked out with the weather — it was absolutely beautiful, so we were able to spend some time outside on walks. Grandnan was excellent at identifying all of the plants and flowers we passed. (I, on the other hand, refer to everything as “pretty flowers/shrub/tree/plant.”)

I look forward to us visiting them my parents in Rhode Island sometime (soon!) this fall, so we can also see Great Granny Owl Bird and some friends.

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