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Happy fourteen months, Benjamin

Benjamin is fourteen months old today!

Here’s a cute video of him toddling around recently. (He loves to wear the bells on his ankles. Whenever he finds them, he belts out his insistent “eeeee!” whine until I help strap them on.)

Benjamin has gotten two new teeth this month, bringing his total up to 10. Today I felt two more breaking through his gums, which may explain some of his recent “love” biting.

He’s putting those teeth to good use, as well as his newest (and oft-used) word, “huh-hoh.” Like when he throws his entire dinner of rice and veggies on the floor. for example.


I’m longing for long walks and visits to the playground, but Benjamin has been perfectly content playing with our pots…


emptying any filled containers he can get his hands on…


and playing hide-and-seek with his big sister.


I made an edible finger paint for Benjamin to play with the other day, but he didn’t really enjoy using it. (Translation: he started to cry once his hands were messy and he realized he was strapped into his highchair.)

He did, however, start scribbling on paper yesterday with a few crayons. He didn’t even try to eat them this time!


Here is his finished picture.


It’s hard to tell in these photos, but Benjamin’s hair is really starting to come in on the back. Stay tuned for baby mullet pictures!

More of Audrey walking

It’s only been a few weeks since Audrey started taking steps on her own, but she’s really getting around now. She’s evolved from walking with her hands high in the air, as if I was still holding her fingers, to carrying stuffed animals/shoes/toys.

At Annelise’s birthday party last weekend, Audrey took one of the balloons for a walk.

Audrey can also now get up and walk from anywhere via reverse (and adorable) squat. This is a big deal because initially she had to crawl over to a piece of furniture, pull up to standing, and then take off walking.

Should we take bets on when she starts running?


As I am sure everyone agrees, weekends are the best. The three of us get to be together all day, Kenji and I take turns sleeping in (I was in bed until 8 a.m. yesterday!), we grill, we see friends and family, we relax.

And now that it’s spring and we’re in a house, we do yard work!

Kenji bought our first lawn mower this morning and gave it a test run this afternoon. The entire time he was cutting the grass, Audrey kept saying “dada” and pointing in his direction (while she and I were outside) or at the door (while we were inside). I don’t know if the new “toy” had her especially interested in her whereabouts or if she just didn’t want to be apart from him, but in either case it was adorable. She sat in the driveway (briefly) to keep an eye on him.


Audrey helped me rake, too. Let me tell you: raking with a 19-pound baby on your front is quite the workout.


The weekend wasn’t all work around the house, though. Earlier today we had a picnic while we cheered Kenji on at his ultimate frisbee game. It was nice to be outside on such a lovely spring day.


Here’s to the final hours of the weekend. Enjoy, everyone.

Happy fourteen months

There’s no mistaking that Audrey is changing from a baby to a toddler. She’s walking quite a bit now, and today she’s fourteen months old!

Audrey prefers to feed herself and hold her own cup these days. She manages to get some of the food in her mouth, at least.

She has lots of adventures outside, especially now that spring has arrived. (Last week was her first foray in the sandbox. She practically had to be pulled out of it!)

The playground is always a fun place to visit. She often tries fervently to climb up the slide.

Audrey enjoys helping with chores around the house, like rearranging shoes.

She loves to see her friends; Jad has been one of her closest buddies since they were newborns.

They usually get along.

We read lots of books together too.

After all of that exploration, play, and learning, naps are definitely in order. This was probably Audrey’s silliest napping position yet. She slept in the stroller for at least an hour with both of her feet up like this.

I’m excited to see what’s in store for us with a walking fourteen-month-old. We love you, Audrey!

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