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Happy fifteen months

Today Audrey is fifteen months old!

These days, she loves to sit in “big girl” chairs. (Notice the excited open-mouth expression.)

Audrey also loves to be outside, whether in our yard, the playground, or in a park. And yes, everything still goes in her mouth.

Our busy little lady currently enjoys climbing the jungle gym and riding down the slide. She’s also quite the social butterfly (although, when this photo was taken both she and Jad kept toddling off in opposite directions!). At our music class this week, Audrey climbed into the lap of a thirteen-month-old classmate. It was so adorable! If only I’d had my camera handy.


Eating and drinking continue to provide much entertainment in Audrey’s life. She’s just gotten very into sharing her food — feeding her doll (while saying “nom nom”), mama and daddy…

and even this finger puppet!

Audrey likes to help mama with chores around the house too. The vacuum is her favorite tool, but she thinks the broom is also pretty great.

Our little girl continues to amaze us with how quickly she learns and grows, and brightens our lives every day with her love, joy, and curiosity.

Happy fourteen months

There’s no mistaking that Audrey is changing from a baby to a toddler. She’s walking quite a bit now, and today she’s fourteen months old!

Audrey prefers to feed herself and hold her own cup these days. She manages to get some of the food in her mouth, at least.

She has lots of adventures outside, especially now that spring has arrived. (Last week was her first foray in the sandbox. She practically had to be pulled out of it!)

The playground is always a fun place to visit. She often tries fervently to climb up the slide.

Audrey enjoys helping with chores around the house, like rearranging shoes.

She loves to see her friends; Jad has been one of her closest buddies since they were newborns.

They usually get along.

We read lots of books together too.

After all of that exploration, play, and learning, naps are definitely in order. This was probably Audrey’s silliest napping position yet. She slept in the stroller for at least an hour with both of her feet up like this.

I’m excited to see what’s in store for us with a walking fourteen-month-old. We love you, Audrey!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today and every day I’m thankful for Kenji’s love and support, our families, great friends, and our wonderful baby girl.

We celebrated the holiday today with Kenji’s family, at his sister’s house. Audrey had fun with her cousins Claire and Henry, and she seemed to enjoy her first Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.

She looked so cute in the dress made by auntie Jess and her (too big) tights.

I hope everyone had a great day with family and friends!

Happy Nine Months!

Today marks Audrey’s nine-month birthday! Our sweet little girl gets more active, adventurous, and curious each day. She delights in shadows, our cat, Cheerios, tummy tickles, her fingers, standing (and crawling between places to stand), and so many other discoveries and explorations.

She’s learned how to climb up the jungle gym steps at the playground (with daddy’s help).

Her favorite new vocal technique is shrieking. (Yes, we did have the TV on, for Sunday football. But that’s the only television she’s ever watched!)

Eating is one of Audrey’s favorite pastimes. We’re experimenting with finger foods now; she’s gotten quite adept at feeding herself Cheerios, and had good luck with carrots too.

I could go on and on…but instead, I’ll promise another update soon!

Audrey hearts orange veggies


Well, the green peas may have been a bust (for now), but Audrey has been gobbling up butternut squash and carrots. I think we’ll switch from orange veggies to something green again so she doesn’t start to resemble them, though.

Avocado or zucchini perhaps?

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