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Fun at the Farm

The weather has been gorgeous and icky off and on recently. Example: yesterday it was 65 and this morning it snowed! Anyway, last Wednesday was lovely so we spent the afternoon at the farm…the Kids’ Farm at the National Zoo to be exact. Hey, we live right outside D.C. — farms are hard to come by without a long(ish) drive!

Audrey really liked the cows. After this photo was taken, she started trying to climb into their pen.


We met up with Audrey’s friend Helen, who checked out the donkeys before promptly falling asleep. (Helen napped several hours that morning and afternoon, according to her mom. Audrey, on the other hand, only napped 40 minutes all day!)


The petting zoo includes a giant squishy pizza designed to teach kids where their food comes from.


Audrey and I had a good round of peek-a-boo around the enormous olive. It also made for an excellent crawling tunnel!


We’re still here

Somehow the hours, days, and weeks are flying by, and it’s been almost two weeks since I last posted to this blog (alas).

So, to catch you up: Kenji went to San Francisco for an (awesome) interactive design conference…Audrey and I headed up to visit my family…Kenji and I put our condo on the market…we celebrated 30th (and 3-year) birthdays with family…we gave the Kelty baby backpack a test run with two hikes…Audrey started stepping sideways (“cruising”) while holding on to furniture…Audrey and I made new friends…Audrey fell in love with cheese…she had her first cold…I lost my voice…she went back to waking every three hours at night…Kenji and I shared countless smiles, hugs, and giggles with our sweet baby girl.


I have lots of great photos and stories to share but honestly, I’m exhausted from the early morning waking today and the fantastic two-plus hour hike. More soon, I promise.

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