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Merry Christmas (and happy twenty-three months)

Merry Christmas! And happy twenty-three months to Audrey, too.


We started the morning bright and early, as usual — but this time we got to begin the day with gifts! After rooting through our stockings, Audrey happily tore into the big present Santa left while she was sleeping…


her new toy kitchen! She immediately got to work putting the little egg-filled pan into the oven, saying “Oo, hot” over and over again.

Kenji made waffles while she played and then we eventually got through opening the other presents. A quick chat with Grandnan, Tickles, and Bicycle and then we were off to mass. Audrey was super squirmy in church but thankfully we were surrounded by lots of other little kiddos, so she was in good company.

Home for a nap afterwards (while Kenji and I cooked) and then we joined Kenji’s family at Nana’s house for more gift opening plus a delicious turkey-and-fixings dinner.

It was a full day but Audrey seemed to enjoy it all. Tomorrow morning the holiday continues with a roadtrip to Rhode Island! A big purple gift bag is loaded with toys and distractions, new apps are loaded on the iPad, and Uncle Alan, who’s coming along for the ride, promises to be entertaining.

Wish us luck!

Audrey’s activities: Christmastime fun

Christmas is almost here! You wouldn’t know it from checking this blog recently, but we have been enjoying lots of holiday activities.

Way back in November, right after Thanksgiving, we visited the U.S. Botanic Garden to see their Season’s Greenings exhibit.


It was well worth the wait (we went opening weekend…oops). Their “Garden Railway” included model trains running through an fairy-inhabited forest, all created with plant materials.


Audrey was really excited about the trains.


We met some friends there and tried to get the three kids to pose together in front of one of the model landmarks (also completely made from plant material), but alas, it was a lost cause.


Kenji did get a cute one of me and Audrey in front of their giant Christmas tree, at least.


The following weekend, we went to a local garden center and picked out a Christmas tree and wreath. Audrey was eager to help decorate the tree, and maybe even more eager to then pull the ornaments back off.


She helped hang the stockings too.

Meanwhile, Kenji hung lights up outside.
Once the tree was up and decorated, we got to work capturing the perfect holiday card photo. (This isn’t it, but I think it’s still pretty cute.).

More recently we pulled out the cookie cutters and used them to cut and decorate paper stars, trees, and gingerbread men.

We made Santas and snowmen too. Audrey has been way more interested in using/holding the glue stick than anything else, but she also likes choosing colors and pushing the cotton balls and pom-poms down onto the paper. 


Here are some of the finished products. (Our wall is getting pretty covered now.)

We visited friends last weekend and their older daughter and Audrey decorated cookies (and then enjoyed the tasty results of their efforts). It was the first time Audrey painted with a real brush but she did really well holding it and generally getting the color on the cookies.

We’ve been listening to lots of Christmas music too and playing along with Audrey’s jingle bells and other instruments. We also visited Santa at the mall for a photo op, but it did not end well. So, no photo of her on his lap this year!

Kenji and I both love Christmastime so much. The music, the decorations, baking treats, gift-giving, the general cheerfulness…I think it’s all wonderful. It’s been a joy to share it with Audrey again this year.

Merry Christmas (and happy eleven months to Audrey)

Merry Christmas, everyone!


We’ve had a wonderful day and hope you have too.

Audrey seemed to enjoy opening presents, even if she didn’t quite understand what was going on. In particular, she was excited about Fuzzy Bear, whose snout fits perfectly in her mouth.


Although it’s made for a hectic time, it was nice to be here in our new house for the holiday. (We even have a mantle to hang stockings from!)

Audrey attracted lots of attention in church, ate a huge dinner of turkey, ham, and all the fixings, and played with her cousins and grandparents. (We’re off to see the others tomorrow!)

A very merry Christmas indeed.

Audrey meets Santa

Yesterday, Audrey had her first encounter with the jolly St. Nick. In true Audrey fashion, she spent the initial phase of the meeting studying him and trying to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, the meeting came after a day of little sleep and in the end, Audrey decided that Santa Claus could not be trusted. At least this year.

Merry Christmas, Audrey!

(I’ll get these up on flickr once I renew our Pro account there)

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