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Happy Birthday, Audrey

One year ago, the three of us were at the hospital getting ready for our first night together as a family. One year ago! Everyone always says that you need to savor every moment because it goes so fast. They were right. Luckily, we have.

Each day brings brand new milestones. So many it’s hard to keep up (and we’ve been a little negligent on this blog lately). As of one year, here are a few facts:

  • She’s not walking yet, but she’s mastered the art of cruising and crawling, and has begun to push things around as she walks behind it
  • No first words yet, but she’s starting to mimic (dada, mama, cat)
  • She knows all the hand gestures to The Wheels on the Bus¬†except for the honking of the horn (and her “round and round” gesture is a little suspect)
  • She goes to sleep around 7:30/8 and does a pretty good job sleeping until 6, although there is the occasional nightmare induced wake-up
  • She loves the cat’s ears, and the cat doesn’t seem to mind her all that much
  • She LOVES the cat’s food bowl, but we’ve done a pretty good job protecting it for Nimbus
  • She enjoys waving, clapping, and signing that she’s all done with things
  • She still loves baths
  • The excitement that overcomes her when I walk in from a long day at work fills me with my own excitement
  • She bebops to music — any kind, including theme songs on NPR
We have so many videos to share and in the coming year, we’ll try to do a better job keeping this place current. But for now, I’ll leave you with a pretty good one. Enjoy!

Happy birthday, Audrey.

Audrey meets Santa

Yesterday, Audrey had her first encounter with the jolly St. Nick. In true Audrey fashion, she spent the initial phase of the meeting studying him and trying to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, the meeting came after a day of little sleep and in the end, Audrey decided that Santa Claus could not be trusted. At least this year.

Merry Christmas, Audrey!

(I’ll get these up on flickr once I renew our Pro account there)

New first: crawling

Just a quick note here to memorialize the day. This evening, before going to bed, Audrey crawled. Belly off the ground, on hands and knees, there was no doubt about it. I guess she realized that since she can’t walk yet, this was more efficient than the army crawl she’s been employing for weeks now.

Go, Audrey!

Happy eight month birthday!

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been eight months since Audrey entered our lives, but here we are. She’s not only started to pull-up, but she’s begun to cruise a little (with an eye on going ahead and walking). As you can see in the video below, she’s a little wobbly on her feet, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to let go. The thing that really impresses me is that she’s also figured out the importance of lowering herself back to the floor (well, in a controlled fall kind of way).

OK, no more words from me. Go on and watch the video!

Audrey’s first swim class

First Swim Class - 4

Audrey joined the Little Flippers class yesterday at the JCC, and despite going into the lesson with little sleep, she loved it. The first class was all about getting the babies used to the water. We floated her around, had her chase a little, floating octopus, sang songs as a group, and even dipped her backwards to get her used to water being in her ears.

First Swim Class - 5

Of course, like all things, she wanted to explore the water with her tongue, but considering this was a pool filled with 15 babies (and we weren’t the only class) we had to shut her curiosity down a little.

Here are a couple other photos. The rest are available on our flickr page, although I may need to friend you for you to view them.

First Swim Class - 1First Swim Class - 6