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Month: April 2012

Happy fifteen months

Today Audrey is fifteen months old!

These days, she loves to sit in “big girl” chairs. (Notice the excited open-mouth expression.)

Audrey also loves to be outside, whether in our yard, the playground, or in a park. And yes, everything still goes in her mouth.

Our busy little lady currently enjoys climbing the jungle gym and riding down the slide. She’s also quite the social butterfly (although, when this photo was taken both she and Jad kept toddling off in opposite directions!). At our music class this week, Audrey climbed into the lap of a thirteen-month-old classmate. It was so adorable! If only I’d had my camera handy.


Eating and drinking continue to provide much entertainment in Audrey’s life. She’s just gotten very into sharing her food — feeding her doll (while saying “nom nom”), mama and daddy…

and even this finger puppet!

Audrey likes to help mama with chores around the house too. The vacuum is her favorite tool, but she thinks the broom is also pretty great.

Our little girl continues to amaze us with how quickly she learns and grows, and brightens our lives every day with her love, joy, and curiosity.

More of Audrey walking

It’s only been a few weeks since Audrey started taking steps on her own, but she’s really getting around now. She’s evolved from walking with her hands high in the air, as if I was still holding her fingers, to carrying stuffed animals/shoes/toys.

At Annelise’s birthday party last weekend, Audrey took one of the balloons for a walk.

Audrey can also now get up and walk from anywhere via reverse (and adorable) squat. This is a big deal because initially she had to crawl over to a piece of furniture, pull up to standing, and then take off walking.

Should we take bets on when she starts running?

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Audrey (thankfully) recovered from her illness in time to enjoy a fun-filled day.

Kenji “hid” some eggs in our backyard for her first-ever Easter egg hunt.

She was very excited about shaking the eggs. The Cheerios and puffs hidden inside made great rattling sounds and were tasty treats.

You can see her in action, with mama’s help, here.

Audrey got her first Easter basket this year too. (She was so young at Easter last year that we skipped the basket and instead just put her in a cute dress and bonnet.)

Our yard is really pretty now with all of the flowers in bloom. I love Audrey’s look of concentration as she multitasked: walking, carrying an egg, and picking a flower.

After our egg hunt, we walked over to Saint James for a noontime mass. Audrey was a bit of a handful, but she took a shining to the woman next to us. This kind stranger held Audrey for half of the mass, bouncing her, flipping through the Bible, and letting Audrey pull at her necklace and earrings. She was amazing — and we didn’t even get her name!

We gathered with Kenji’s side of the family after church. Audrey was coordinated with her cousin Henry between her gingham and his plaid.

Audrey loved playing on the piano with her cousin Claire.

We posed for our annual family photo before all heading home. One of these years we’ll manage to get all three kids to look at the camera and smile simultaneously!

Audrey’s first stomach bug

Poor Audrey has had a few rough days (or, more precisely, nights). She seems to have caught her first intestinal sickness. I’ll spare you details and photos. Let’s hope she is better tomorrow so she doesn’t miss out on the Easter fun planned for this weekend!


As I am sure everyone agrees, weekends are the best. The three of us get to be together all day, Kenji and I take turns sleeping in (I was in bed until 8 a.m. yesterday!), we grill, we see friends and family, we relax.

And now that it’s spring and we’re in a house, we do yard work!

Kenji bought our first lawn mower this morning and gave it a test run this afternoon. The entire time he was cutting the grass, Audrey kept saying “dada” and pointing in his direction (while she and I were outside) or at the door (while we were inside). I don’t know if the new “toy” had her especially interested in her whereabouts or if she just didn’t want to be apart from him, but in either case it was adorable. She sat in the driveway (briefly) to keep an eye on him.


Audrey helped me rake, too. Let me tell you: raking with a 19-pound baby on your front is quite the workout.


The weekend wasn’t all work around the house, though. Earlier today we had a picnic while we cheered Kenji on at his ultimate frisbee game. It was nice to be outside on such a lovely spring day.


Here’s to the final hours of the weekend. Enjoy, everyone.

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