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Month: March 2012

Happy fourteen months

There’s no mistaking that Audrey is changing from a baby to a toddler. She’s walking quite a bit now, and today she’s fourteen months old!

Audrey prefers to feed herself and hold her own cup these days. She manages to get some of the food in her mouth, at least.

She has lots of adventures outside, especially now that spring has arrived. (Last week was her first foray in the sandbox. She practically had to be pulled out of it!)

The playground is always a fun place to visit. She often tries fervently to climb up the slide.

Audrey enjoys helping with chores around the house, like rearranging shoes.

She loves to see her friends; Jad has been one of her closest buddies since they were newborns.

They usually get along.

We read lots of books together too.

After all of that exploration, play, and learning, naps are definitely in order. This was probably Audrey’s silliest napping position yet. She slept in the stroller for at least an hour with both of her feet up like this.

I’m excited to see what’s in store for us with a walking fourteen-month-old. We love you, Audrey!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Visit with the Bowman cousins

Because of sickness and busy schedules, it had been several weeks since we last saw Audrey’s Bowman cousins, Claire and Henry. On Friday we finally made it over for a lunchtime visit with them and Nana.

When Misako came home from work we joked that we don’t make average-sized babies: Henry (seven months) and Audrey (thirteen months) are almost the same size.

The kids really enjoyed checking each other out. Henry shared his collection of hats and Audrey wore hers long enough to capture one photo, at least!


Spain family visit

Over Presidents’ Weekend we flew up to Rhode Island for a few days with my parents and my brother Steve and his family. His daughter, Lily, was celebrating her one-year birthday. It’s always great to see family but it was a special treat seeing Steve, Roxanne, and Lily since they live on the west coast.

Lily and Audrey met once before, when they were both around six months old.

It’s amazing how much they’ve both changed since then.

They were so cute playing together. Or, next to each other, at least.

Reading together with Granddad was an especially sweet moment.

The weather was chilly but we did get out for a walk along the ocean. (Audrey borrowed Lily’s cozy fleece zip-up.)

On our last day, we also stopped by a local farm (a two-minute drive my parents’ house!) to check out the sheep, cows, goats, and geese.

Too soon we had to say our goodbyes and head back to the airport for our trip home. I’m so thankful we had the time together though.

Before we can believe it, I’m sure Audrey and Lily will be e-mail pals. (Is it too much to hope that they’ll write actual letters to each other?)

Pantry Audrey

Audrey is highly interested in emptying containers now: boxes, bags, shoe racks, ¬†bookshelves, cabinets…the list goes on. One of her favorite spots has been the bottom shelf of our pantry, which typically holds cereal, rice, pasta, and other miscellaneous grains/cans. I didn’t really mind re-shelving everything until she recently chewed her way through a bag of amaranth (a grain similar to quinoa) and it spilled all over the floor.

So, I finally reorganized and moved those items up to a different cabinet and put the plastic storage containers in there for her to play with. She was having fun with them until she discovered an even better way to play in the pantry.


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